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One of if not the greatest difference between the natives of the signs of the Zodiac is how they appear and act when they are in love. It is as though there are twelve different styles to being in love and all are different. Strangely the style of being in love does not blend from one sign to another. For example, Aquarius Men in Love are like the opposite to Capricorn which is (chronologically) the sign before them.

If any signs were said to be similar to Capricorn man in love they would have to be the other Earth Signs (Taurus and Virgo) but upon reflection and hearing collected anecdotes from people in relationships with the aforementioned we'd have to conclude that the similarities are superficial if at all to the sign which this article is about: Capricorn Men in Love.

Even when we've sorted this out in our Astrological calculations and observations and understood that the twelve zodiac signs portray distinct differences when in love - the complexities don't stop there with Capricorn men. Why? Because this sign more than any of the others evolves the way they manifest their love for their partners.

Young Capricorn Men in Love

Young Capricorn men often marry and start families and they are (usually) fond of the person they marry and quite often believe they are in love with the person. However, it seems that an unseen and often unimposed pressure takes over and this is what leads Capricorn men to marry, settle down and have a family relatively uniformly and early compared to all other signs. It is as though these marriages take place to placate the Capricorn man's need to conform and follow what they see as a traditional path but others as an average.

Capricorn men see marriage as an event which should take place between the age of 25 and 30. Before marriage Capricorn men ensure they follow a routine life. One typical path for middle class Capricorn men to follow is to ensure they move out of the parental home and that they graduate by the age of 23. Another path is to join the military and serve time but marry and have children in the early stages of their military careers. Perhaps they marry young because they believe that they should fall in love. Marriage, even if they don't fall in love, could be their way of attempting to conform to the tradition (as they see it) of falling in love in their 20s and doing the things which conformity dictates, i.e. to marry, to have children, to lay the foundations for a good, solid career and to provide well for their families.

Middle Age Capricorn Men in Love

A good proportion of Capricorns stay in their early marriage and make it work. Indeed, the goat (Capricorn) seems to have blinkers on and steadily maintains the path to old age with the minimum of dramas and crises. We are happy to report though that it is during middle age that Capricorn do their falling in love. By falling in love we mean that they (sometimes quite suddenly) receive an overburdening feeling of appreciation for their partners of many years? "What would I be now if it were not for them?"

It is at this stage and while answering the question posed above that Capricorn men - sometimes it seems overnight - become romantic. They may, for example have given the odd bunch of flowers but now the designer bouquets are delivered to mark special occasions and the taste of the recipient is actually taken into supreme account.

Old Age Capricorn Men in Love

Capricorn men are not good at nursing their old partners but, because they often end life wealthy, they do pay someone to fulfill this role if necessary. They never forget their love for their partner though. If they become infirm themselves they can make overburdening demands at first but then contentedly (as is possible) accept the inevitable. They often want to be comfortable, warm and sleep until they die.