How to Keep Your Capricorn Man Happy

Keeping Capricorn Men Happy

You've managed to pull this rather serious fellow but how do you keep him? Keeping a Capricorn man happy is quite impossible as this dour type is not naturally gushingly happy - you'd be better to aim for the C word (contentment). Whatever, you'll be glad of this advice... (if you're honest).

What Keeps Capricorn Men Happy?

Can you follow rules? Do you display a complete understanding of all social etiquettes? Could you fit in at the Opera? Would you know what to wear to watch Polo? Do you like to wear uniform-like clothes and do you go for that tailored look. Classic lines. These are the sorts of women which attract Capricorn men – as a rule the posher the better. If you can do all this you are well equipped to keep your Capricorn man happy. If you can't do this is there another course of action?

Who Keeps a Capricorn Man Happy?

Well... not really. It is difficult to follow rules if you're a rebel and, in fact, if your Capricorn man is a stickler for rules and etiquette he could indeed turn you into a rebel. No probably the best way to keep a Capricorn man happy is to be a Capricorn man or woman yourself. Of course there is a complication... namely that some Capricorns are very, very crude. This sort of Capricorn is often happy when paired with an honest to goodness Taurus. 


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