Dealing with Capricorn Men Problems

Help, My Man is a Capricorn!

Great, you’ve pulled yourself a Capricorn and what is more it looks like it could be your most significant relationship yet. Congratulations. But what’s the most that you can expect from a relationship with a Capricorn? Come to think of it (and you really should!) what’s the worst you can expect? Let's look at the best first - as we'd hate to depress you... immediately...

The Best Case Scenario with a Capricorn Man

Capricorns are a dependable, intelligent bunch of Zodiac natives. A Capricorn man can be worth his weight in gold even in these days of high gold prices. They’ll work hard at being husbands, fathers and breadwinners and (very often) you’ll retire together rich – I mean really rich. If you want a good solid fortune to retire with (and all you have to do is look at how our civilized society treats the elderly without much money... you do) a Capricornn man is a good option. 

Capricorn men usually possess a wicked sense of humour and – this is great for many women – they’ll shun male company in preference to family nights. They are just not the type to spend evening after evening down the pub. What is more, Capricorn men will buy you thoughtful presents and…strange but true…they’ll never fall over. Along with positive Taurus and Scorpio men, what you have there (if you’ve bagged yourself a positive Capricorn man) is a truly honourable partner. Well done!

The Worst Case Scenario with a Capricorn Man

Hang on though, before you get carried away with it. there does happen to be a different kind of Capricorn man. You see even dependable, intelligent people can be extremely crude. In chronic cases (you’ll know about this very soon if you’ve pulled a chronically negative Capricorn) they’ll be crude and smelly. Have you ever smelt an old goat? They smell like a combination of the ripest cheese and a whiff of fully matured urine – not pleasant. 

Get use to this smell if you’ve pulled a negative Capricorn man type and you have decided to attempt a go at it. Why? Because there’s nothing a negative Capricorn man likes better than stewing in his own juices, surrounded by fast-food and the racing papers while he studies form (they often enjoy betting on the horses).

Perhaps the truth is that even the most positive Capricorn has a tad of this negative Capricorn in him. Perhaps you should think of ways of letting them relax into this slob mode from time to time. If there is no way on earth you could do this perhaps you should reconsider this relationship... 

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