How to Pull or Attract a Capricorn Man

To pull (also known as attract) a Capricorn man you have to know what he likes. There's nothing too steamy or undignified you have to do - let's leave that to other star signs - and, when you understand what attracts a Capricorn man you might well want to give up on the enterprise...

What Attracts Capricorn Men?

Can you follow rules? Do you display a complete understanding of all social etiquettes? Could you fit in at the Opera? Would you know what to wear to watch Polo? Do you like to wear uniform-like clothes and do you go for that tailored look. Classic lines which never seem to go out of fashion - do you appreciate them? If you answer yes, yes, yes, yes and yes to these seemingly innocuous questions then, without any jiggery-pokery you come ready to attract Capricorn men; in fact, we wouldn't be surprised if you've been approached by Capricorn men on numerous times in the past with a view to you becoming their girlfriend (or boyfriend in instances in which the Capricorn man is gay). This is because the Capricorn man strives for what is right and proper even when the world or his environment is, quite frankly, berserk.

Essentially, the rule is with Capricorn men the posher the better and as traditionsal and formal as is possible.

How to Attract Capricorn Men

So, if you're already posh totty you have every chance of pulling/attracting a stick in the mud Capricorn man.  However, if you're not posh totty don’t despair. All you have to do is undergo an extensive course in elocution and gey rid of your regional accent. If you can’t afford that recite the following sayings until you sound like Joyce Grenfell or the Queen of England: - 

How now brown cow”. 

New shoes, new shoes, red and pink and blue shoes, which ones would you choose if they’d let us buy?” 

Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow lorry …" repeat thirty times at pace and practice until you do not slur the words - aim for crisp precise clipped Queen Elizabeth posh tones. 

Once your speech is brought up to speck you should invest in some tailored suits – here’s a tip – check out second hand charity shops patronized by posh men and women and buy their cast offs – the kind of clothing which attracts Capricorn men can be too expensive, especially if you are not completely sure that you actually want a Capricorn man.

Do You Really Want a Capricorn Man?

If you can’t be bothered to go to the extent described above ask yourself: is he worth it? If you really cannot be bothered to go to the extent outlined above, stop right there and decide on a different man. Perhaps one of our other sites will be more to your liking. Have a look at HELP with Men and decide which one you want - CLICK HERE

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